May 11th-12th 2011: from the organizers of the phpDay, the first international conference on Javascript in Italy.


jsday 2011 - Hotel San Marco, Via Longhena 42 - 37138 Verona - Italy

Hotel San Marco
Via Longhena 42
37138 Verona - Italy

What’re the latest?

  • Join to the 2012 edition of jsDay!

    As you can see we are online with a brand new website and we’re working hard to organize the jsDay 2012 edition. The first edition has been incredibly successful, with over 300 visitors coming from all around Europe and sponsorship from big corporations and organizations, like Microsoft, Mozilla, Yahoo!, Opera and Sencha. The speaker list [...]

  • jsDay 2011 stats

    Dear attendees here some useful information you should be aware of the jsDay/phpDay conferences: We had 214 regular attendess*, the first one bought his ticket 15 minutes after we opened the preselling (December 2) the latest one bought his ticket on desk on Saturday 14 morning We had more on less 60 speakers from US [...]

  • Less than a week, more than you can think

    In a few days the first jsDay will start in Verona. Have you packed your stuff yet? As this is the very first edition we want to give you some advice. Reaching the hotel from the railway station is quite easy, you only need to take a bus (here is the time schedule) at the [...]

  • Call for paper closed and mail sent

    In the latest weeks we sent the mails to the chosed speakers. As we receive a confirmation we’ll publish them on the site (as you can see we just published a big performance name). If you don’t receive any email please wait some more days, we received a lot of talks and we are still [...]

  • The call for paper is open

    The call for paper is officially open and it will end on Feb 28th. Send us your request as a speaker (or a sponsor) to the jsday AT email address or compile this form. We will reply you as the CfP will be ended. A speaker will have a 2 days full accomodation in [...]