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  • JavaScript Survival Guide

    Quasi per caso, JavaScript sta vivendo un periodo di estremo successo, sia per la diffusione della VM, sia per l’efficacia di alcune sue caratteristiche. La sua estrema flessibilità e libertà costringono, però, lo sviluppatore a percorrere un campo minato. In questa sessione vedremo alcune trappole comuni, come superarle e come alcuni pattern tipici possono sfruttare [...]

  • High Performance Asynchronous Web with Node.js

    Con la riscoperta dei principi architetturali del web (REST architectures) oggi è chiaro che il protocollo HTTP non è qualcosa da nascondere ma una risorsa da sfruttare. Questo talk presenterà esempi di programmazione in Node.js, un ambiente di sviluppo server side che fonde il concetto di web server con quello di web application usando javascript come linguaggio di programmazione

  • Using today HTML5 Video

    The new HTML5 video and audio tags from the HTML5 specification offer a new powerful way to deliver multimedia content using directly HTML and JS . How we can start to use this new features in our web sites ? In this session we will analyze how to use them to play media in modern [...]

  • A little backbone for your app

    A little backbone for your app Developing javascript heavy applications can rapidly turn into a complicated and rather unpleasant endeavour.  Luckily many well established frameworks like jQuery, Prototype or MooTools make it relatively easy abstract away the complexities of working on the DOM. Other complete solutions have appeared to help structure the application logic and [...]

  • Javascript in Game Development

    Michal will talk about Javascript in Game Development, it’s history, creating crossplatform games for desktops, mobiles, tablets and other devices Javascript could run on. During the talk he will present couple methods of animations, implementation of game’s logic and different ways to communicate between players.

  • Javascript and the Dawn of Rich Mobile Web Applications

    Frameworks like Sencha Touch are heralding a new way of building mobile services using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. If you want to discover how to use standard web technologies to reach your mobile users in beautiful app-like ways, this session is for you. We explore the possibilities that each of these rich, standards-based libraries can [...]

  • HTML5, the current status

    Currently HTML5 is a hot, though also rather confusing, topic. HTML5 promises a wealth of new possibilities to embed multimedia content – until recently the exclusive domain of plug-ins – and to create powerful, desktop-like web applications. But are these new technologies something to consider for the not-too-distant future, or is HTML5 already a viable, [...]

  • Mapping the world with Twitter – Behind the <canvas> of a HTML5 web application

    HTML5, canvas and SVG are hot topics right now, but when it comes to dealing with them every one should be ready to enter into a realm of challenging tasks: user interface design compromises, optimization, frame rate, memory and cpu usage to mention but a few. A world of tweets (aworldoftweets.com) is a HTML5 based [...]

  • Faster Web Sites 2.0

    Web 2.0 is adding more and more content to our pages, especially features that are implemented in Ajax. But our web applications are evolving faster than the browsers that they run in. In this session Steve Souders discusses the web performance best practices he pioneered. These techniques are used by the world’s most popular web [...]