Carlo Zapponi

Carlo Zapponi

My name is Carlo Zapponi, I work at frog design as Technologist, I have a background in Computer Science and Interaction Design (you can see my profile on linkedin), I love making things, geography, travelling, languages and football.

I’ve always been interested in user interfaces, maps and the visualization of information in general. You can see some of my work on at making use - where I fight my laziness and try to publish articles, ideas and pictures every once in a while.

What have I done? I worked on many web projects, some of the most interesting are:,,,

Mapping the world with Twitter – Behind the <canvas> of a HTML5 web application

HTML5, canvas and SVG are hot topics right now, but when it comes to dealing with them every one should be ready to enter into a realm of challenging tasks: user interface design compromises, optimization, frame rate, memory and cpu usage to mention but a few. A world of tweets ( is a HTML5 based [...]