James Pearce

James Pearce

James is a technologist, writer, developer & entrepreneur who has been working with the mobile web for over a decade. He is Senior Director of Developer Relations at Sencha.

Previously he was the CTO at dotMobi and has a background in mobile startups, telecoms infrastructure and management consultancy. He speaks extensively on the topic of mobile web development, and has written books for both Wiley and Wrox.

James led the development of mobiForge, DeviceAtlas and ready.mobi, and is the creator of tinySrc, the WordPress Mobile Pack, and WhitherApps. He has declared every year since 1997 to be "The Year of the Mobile Web" - and finally seems to be right.

Javascript and the Dawn of Rich Mobile Web Applications

Frameworks like Sencha Touch are heralding a new way of building mobile services using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. If you want to discover how to use standard web technologies to reach your mobile users in beautiful app-like ways, this session is for you. We explore the possibilities that each of these rich, standards-based libraries can [...]