Server-side JavaScript for the rest of us



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We all know that Node.js server-side JavaScript is epic awesome. But what if it’s not obvious how to easily integrate Node.js into our existing web application stack? How can we still leverage server-side JavaScript without rewriting our entire application? We’re going to look at some patterns for effectively using Node.js in existing (non-JavaScript) web architecture. And we’ll also look at an alternative to Node.js, BikechainJS, which offers potentially easier integration for certain architectures/tasks. This talk will focus on the nuts & bolts of server-side JavaScript and how to use it to enhance your existing web applications. It will NOT be a sales-pitch for specific frameworks, but rather examining the code underneath to see what we need and don’t need to get the job done. By the end, you should be able to write your own server-side JavaScript code/framework and use it in any environment in your existing web apps.